Responsible Gaming

Our commitment

Lincoln Casino recognizes that gambling, while for the majority of participants is an enjoyable, social, leisure activity can, for some people, become problematic behavior. We at Lincoln Casino believe that we have a responsibility as the provider of gaming products to promote responsible gaming.

Therefore if, at any time, you wish to close your account, please let us know and we will do so immediately, no questions asked. (There may be technical exceptions such as if you have a pay-out that needs to be processed which would require the account to be open - in such circumstances we would ensure that all necessary transactions were completed and then comply with your account closure request).

Similarly, if your account was closed at your request in the past and you change your mind, for whatever reason, let us know and we will gladly reopen your account, again with no questions asked.


If, however, you feel that gambling is a problem for you, please request the 'Self-Exclusion' form from us. Once completed and returned, your account will be closed permanently and will not be reopened under any circumstances. Additionally we will remove you from all mailing lists and you will no longer be permitted to play at Lincoln Casino.

For further information about Self-Exclusion, please contact Customer Support


Know Your Limit

Managing your bankroll responsibly is the best way to enjoy the wagering opportunities available at Lincoln Casino while not getting in over your head. To help our players keep track of their bankrolls we offer them the options of setting monthly spending limits. or more information on how we can help you manage your bankroll you can contact us.


Help is just one click away

If you do feel you have a gambling problem and would like to seek help we recommend the following organizations:

For any questions regarding our responsible gambling policies and practices feel free to contact Customer Support.