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10s or Better Video Poker

Tens or Better: Play 2-4 hands per game

This video poker game allows for the simultaneous play of two, three or four hands.

A pair of tens is the lowest winning hand

To start, decide on the number of hands to be played, using the + and - arrows next to the button marked Hands. The default is four.

The select the bet amount using the coin value selector

Minimum bet - $.50

Maximum bet = $100

The total bet is calculated by the coin value x number of hands played at one time:

e.g. $0.25 x 4 hands = $1.00

Player can also bet multiple coins per bet, between 1 and 5. Use the Bet One button to increase the number of coins played.

The total bet is displayed in the Bet window to the right of the cards.

Once the bet amount is established, start the game by pushing the Deal button.

Five cards are turned, face up.

Select any cards to hold using the Hold buttons below each card, or click directly on the face of each card. Hold can be removed by clicking the button a second time.

Once player has chosen the cards to hold, click Draw.

The cards in the hand that were not chosen to be held are replaced by new cards, face up. The second, and third and fourth hands, if chosen to be played, are now also revealed. Held cards are copied across all played hands.

The results of the two, or more hands are now displayed and any winnings are shown. Each hand has its own result.

Player can now decide to accept the winnings - use Collect

or gamble using the Double button.

If player chooses to Double, cards are replaced with a new hand of five cards, one of which is displayed face-up; the other four face down. Player chooses one of the four face-down cards to compare with the one already showing by clicking on the back of the card.

All four cards are revealed. If the chosen card is of a higher value than the first card then the player wins and the winnings from the original game are doubled. Player can now choose to Collect the increased win amount, or Double a second time.

If the chosen card is of a lower value than the first card then the original win amount is forfeit.

If the chosen card is of the same value as the first card then the result is a Push and the player can choose to Double again, or Collect.

Player may Double as many times as they wish on any win.

Jackpot = $80,000

1x52 card deck per hand, shuffled after each completed hand.

See pay-table in game for pay-outs