Lincoln Slots Tournament Schedule

Join thousands of players from all over the World in the Lincoln Casino tournaments! There are new events every day, hundreds of different tournaments to choose from, many of them free to enter and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money every month!

Click on the Tournaments link in the casino lobby to see which games are currently being offered, make your pick and sign up by clicking the ‘Register’ button.


Daily Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Daily Play for the PotMonster Money01-Apr01-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotDynasty02-Apr02-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotTiki Lounge03-Apr03-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotFunky Chicken04-Apr04-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotShaaark05-Apr05-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotFairies Forest06-Apr06-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotBlack Magic07-Apr07-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotCool Bananas08-Apr08-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotBig Time09-Apr09-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotBirds of Paradise10-Apr10-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotCleopatra's Pyramid11-Apr11-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotAmanda Panda12-Apr12-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotVegas Party13-Apr13-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotAmazing 7s14-Apr14-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotSolomon's Mines15-Apr15-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotDoctor Love16-Apr16-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotBigfoot17-Apr17-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotGold of the Gods18-Apr18-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotCash Caboose19-Apr19-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotTiki Lounge20-Apr20-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotMonster Money21-Apr21-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotRamesses Riches22-Apr22-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotBangkok Nights23-Apr23-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotDynasty24-Apr24-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotBirds of Paradise25-Apr25-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotDolphin Reef26-Apr26-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotCity of Gold27-Apr27-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotFunny Moolah28-Apr28-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotBlack Magic29-Apr29-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Play for the PotAmanda Panda30-Apr30-Apr$3.00The Pot
Daily Free SpinsDouble Gold01-Apr01-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsGoblin's Gold02-Apr02-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsMonte Magic03-Apr03-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple Rainbow 7s04-Apr04-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple Triple Gold05-Apr05-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple 10X Wild06-Apr06-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple Gold07-Apr07-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsFlamin 7s08-Apr08-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsDouble Gold09-Apr09-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsCash Grab10-Apr10-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsCrazy Cherry11-Apr11-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsLiberty 7s12-Apr12-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsPay Day13-Apr13-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsLucky Irish14-Apr14-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTurkey Time15-Apr15-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsWheel of Chance16-Apr16-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple Rainbow 7s17-Apr17-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple Gold18-Apr18-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsDouble Gold19-Apr19-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple Triple Gold20-Apr20-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple 10X Wild21-Apr21-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsPay Day22-Apr22-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsFlamin 7s23-Apr23-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsLucky Irish24-Apr24-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsLucky Fruity 7s25-Apr25-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple Gold26-Apr26-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsWheel of Chance27-Apr27-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsCash Grab28-Apr28-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsTriple 10X Wild29-Apr29-AprFREE$100
Daily Free SpinsLiberty 7s30-Apr30-AprFREE$100
Game of the DayDolphin King01-Apr01-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayRamesses Riches02-Apr02-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayBlack Magic03-Apr03-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayAmanda Panda04-Apr04-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayFat Cat05-Apr05-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayBangkok Nights06-Apr06-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DaySolomon's Mines07-Apr07-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayAmazing 7s08-Apr08-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayCaribbean Gold09-Apr09-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayMonster Money10-Apr10-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayLa Fiesta11-Apr11-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayTiki Lounge12-Apr12-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayNorthern Lights13-Apr13-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayFairies Forest14-Apr14-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayShaaark15-Apr15-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayGold of the Gods16-Apr16-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayDynasty17-Apr17-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayVegas Party18-Apr18-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayVampire Vixen19-Apr19-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayCool Bananas20-Apr20-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayBeat the Bank21-Apr21-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayDolphin Reef22-Apr22-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayBig Time23-Apr23-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayJester's Wild24-Apr24-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayCity of Gold25-Apr25-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DaySolomon's Mines26-Apr26-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayAmazing 7s27-Apr27-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayShaaark28-Apr28-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the Day20,000 Leagues29-Apr29-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayCaribbean Gold30-Apr30-AprFREEThe Pot
Game of the DayDoctor Love31-Mar31-MarFREEThe Pot
Daily KenoKeno01-Apr30-AprFREE$100

Weekly Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
Weekly WinnerEastern Dragon31-Mar07-Apr$3.00The Pot
Weekly WinnerHot Roller07-Apr14-Apr$3.00The Pot
Weekly WinnerFunky Chicken14-Apr21-Apr$3.00The Pot
Weekly WinnerGoblin's Gold21-Apr28-Apr$3.00The Pot
Weekly WinnerBigfoot28-Apr05-May$3.00The Pot
Top Five WinCash Caboose30-Mar06-Apr$3.00The Pot
Top Five WinTailgate Blitz06-Apr13-Apr$3.00The Pot
Top Five WinDragon Master13-Apr20-Apr$3.00The Pot
Top Five WinCoral Cash20-Apr27-Apr$3.00The Pot
Top Five WinCash Cow27-Apr04-May$3.00The Pot
Big Gold WeekendDoctor Love04-Apr07-Apr$3.00The Pot
Big Gold WeekendArctic Queen11-Apr14-Apr$3.00The Pot
Big Gold Weekend20,000 Leagues18-Apr21-Apr$3.00The Pot
Big Gold WeekendDolphin King25-Apr28-Apr$3.00The Pot
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip24-Mar06-AprFREEThe Pot
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip07-Apr20-AprFREEThe Pot
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip21-Apr04-MayFREEThe Pot
The Royal FlushAces and Faces25-Mar07-AprFREEThe Pot
The Royal FlushBonus Poker08-Apr21-AprFREEThe Pot
The Royal FlushDeuces Wild22-Apr05-MayFREEThe Pot

Monthly Tournaments

Tournament Game Begins Ends Buy In Prize Pool
The Italian JobBeat the Bank23-Mar06-Apr$5.00$1,500
The Big RooKanga Cash28-Mar14-Apr$5.00$1,200
Play for the Pot EasterCherry Blossoms10-Mar22-Apr$5.00The Pot
Month LongKing Tiger01-Apr30-Apr$5.00$5,000
The April FoolJesters Wild01-Apr20-Apr$4.00$1,000
Play for the Fat PotFat Cat10-Apr18-May$5.00The Pot
The Easter ParadeFunky Chicks12-Apr27-Apr$10.00$2,000
Cinco de MayoLa Fiesta19-Apr05-May$5.00$1,500
Mothers DayVampire Vixen25-Apr12-May$5.00$1,200


Please note that you may only use one account number to enter tournaments at this casino. Players with multiple active accounts will forfeit any tournament winnings and all accounts will be blocked. Please refer to our terms and conditions of use for further details.

Tournaments end promptly at the published time. Any hands, spins or bonus features in play at the point at which the tournament ends will not complete and the outcome will not apply to the final result of the event. Only completed hands, spins and bonus features will count towards the final outcome.

The leader board in the tournament lobby is updated every 30-60 seconds. Consequently there may be a delay in the display of your position and balance.