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Dragon Master

No magical beast has more power than the dragon and as the dragon master that gives you ultimate power! Use the magical orb to trigger the free games feature, watch the dragon master appear and the prizes multiply!



Dragon Master is a 5-reel, 25 pay-line slot machine. You can increase your chances of winning if you bet on multiple pay-lines.

Payout Rules

When the reels stop spinning, the symbol combinations along the pay-lines are checked. You get paid out for winning combinations falling on an enabled pay-line, however, only the highest win on any selected pay-line is paid.

You can increase / decrease the number of pay-lines and bet amount  you wish to bet by clicking on the Up / down arrows present in the LINES and BET boxes respectively.

All payouts are based on the Payout table and follow the following rules:

All Wins pay Left to Right (Reel 1 - 5)  only in consecutive order.

Only highest win is paid per selected pay-line. If more than one combination falls on played pay-lines, winnings are paid out on the highest combination only.

If a winning combination falls on a pay-line that is not enabled you do not receive a payout for that combination

If a game malfunctions, payouts are void.

The winnings paid out in the slot machine are dependent on the symbol combination that lands on an enabled pay-line and the value of the bet amount.

Wild Symbol

The Dragon Master is the Wild Symbol. It substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter Orb symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The Orb  is the Scatter Symbol. The Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the Reels to generate a payout and does not necessarily need to be on an active pay-line to generate a winning.

Scatter wins are based on the Pay-table. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet amount.

For example, If you are playing with a $1 coin and betting on 10 pay-lines, 2 scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will pay $10 ($10 bet x 1 Scatter Payout).

Free Spins

When 3 or more Scatter Orb symbols appear any where on the reels, 10 Free spins are awarded during which all prizes are doubled. You can Win free Spins during free spins.


Coin Selection

Decide on the coin size that you wish to play with by clicking on the Up or Down arrows in the Bet selection box.

Selecting Pay-lines

Decide how many Pay-lines you wish to bet on by clicking on the Up or Down arrows in the Line selection box. A coin will be placed on each pay-line you select.

Use the Bet max button if you want to wager the maximum number of pay-lines for the slot machine. The Bet Max button allows you to play on all pay-lines available for that game.

For example, If you Bet Max, you will be betting on all 25 paylines with a 25-coin bet.

Starting the game

Press Spin / Bet Max to start the game. Reels will start spinning and come to a stop one by one.


You can use the AutoPlay option if you want the slot machine to play automatically for a number of spins.

Select the coin you want to play with, select the number of paylines you want to bet on and click on the AutoPlay button to launch the Autoplay menu. From this menu, you can select the number of spins you want to play automatically, time delay between each spin and various Stop settings. Once you are done selecting the Autoplay features, click on the Start button in this menu and game will begin to play automatically.


Launching Free Spins

10 Free Spins are awarded when 3 or more Scatter Orb symbols appear anywhere on the reels.

A message below the Reels will display the number of free spins remaining.

Free Spin Rules

Scatter payouts are made according to Scatter payout table before Free Spins start.

Free spins will play with the same number of active pay-lines as in the triggering spin.

Free spins can be re-triggered. Players can win Free Spins, during Free Spins

Reel payouts during Free Spins are Doubled except Free Spins.

During Free Spins random symbols will be changed to Wilds and payouts will be re-calculated and paid out after the symbols have been changed

All control buttons are disabled during Free spins including pay-line selectors.

If a game is disconnected during Free Spins, the Free Spin feature will continue from the last completed free spin the next time the game is launched.



Line Selector arrows

Up/ Down arrows present in the Lines box allow you to increase / decrease the number pay-lines you wish to bet on.

Bet Selector arrows

Up/ Down arrows present in the Bet box allow you to increase / decrease the coin amount you wish to bet.

Bet Max

Bet Max button allows you bet on the maximum number of pay-lines allowed by the game, and starts the reels spinning. Once this button is pressed, a Coin bet is placed on each and every pay-line and reels will automatically start to spin.


Spin button allows you to start the game. When this button is pressed, Reels will start Spinning. This button does not automatically place any bets for you. You have to place your bets first and then press this button.


Autoplay button launches the Autoplay menu. You can select various AutoPlay options available and click the Start button within this menu to start the Autoplay feature.


Paytable button launches the Paytable. You can view the payout structure and various game rules of this game in the paytable.


This button is available on the Paytable window. Once pressed, this button takes you to the Rules page.


This button is available on the Paytable window. Once pressed, this button takes you back to the slot game.


See Pay-Table and Rules in game for complete game rules.

RTP - 95.41 %